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Formaldehyde Lab Services

Formaldehyde Off-Gassing Testing from Composite Wood Products                        

Recently, there has been an increased national awareness and growing concern for formaldehyde gas being released from manufactured laminated flooring and other composite wood products. The adhesives and sealants used in many of these products may contain formaldehyde and this formaldehyde vapor can off-gas from the finished product even after it has been installed in a home. Many of these products are safety-rated to European and/or California standards for formaldehyde off-gassing levels. However, recent investigations have shown that formaldehyde off-gassing can still be of a concern from some of these products. They can even be elevated above acceptable levels that they are listed as meeting.

Formaldehyde gas is highly toxic and a confirmed human carcinogen. Even at lower exposure levels, formaldehyde gas can cause eye and nasal irritation, headaches and aggravate asthma conditions. EMSL Analytical, Inc. can assist you with formaldehyde testing and analyses to help you better evaluate the potential formaldehyde hazards from your composite wood products. 

Testing for Formaldehyde in Bulk Building Materials (Wood, Floors, Etc.)
- Installed Composite Wood Products – (EMSL Free Formaldehyde Impinger Method)

Provide EMSL with a 2 inch by 2 inch square piece of the composite wood product and place in a sealed plastic bag.  At EMSL, each sample is placed into a glass vial and an air sample is collected from air passing over the flooring product.  The air sample collected is evaluated to determine the parts per million (PPM) amount of formaldehyde off-gassing concentration in the air from the composite wood product.
Note: This testing cannot be used for CARB ATCM Phase II or European product compliance. This testing can show if detectable formaldehyde levels occur from your composite wood product and can be reviewed against current formaldehyde guidelines for air concentrations and off-gassing amounts.

2 Week Lab Results - $348

1 Week Lab Results - $434
4 Day Lab Results - $521
3 Day Lab Results - $693
2 Day Lab Results - $868
1 Day Lab Results - $1,090

- Intact Laminate Flooring – (ASTM D6007 -14 Small Chamber Study – EMSL Modified)
Provide EMSL with an intact 2 foot by 2 foot square piece (no larger sizes please) of the composite wood product and wrap in plastic.  Each sample is placed into small sample chamber by EMSL. After a 24-hour equilibration period, an air sample is collected from the chamber. This air sample is evaluated to determine concentration in PPM from formaldehyde off-gassing from the composite wood product as well as the formaldehyde emissions rate from the surface of the flooring (µg/m2-hr). 

Note: This testing cannot be used for CARB ATCM Phase II or European product compliance.  This testing can show if detectable formaldehyde levels occur from your composite wood product and can be reviewed against current formaldehyde guidelines for air concentrations and off-gassing amounts.

Pricing (Analyzed in Cinnaminson, NJ Lab Only)
2 Week Lab Results - $750
1 Week Lab Results - $1,500

Testing for Formaldehyde in Air

- Air Monitoring Badge to Determine Formaldehyde Levels (NIOSH Method 2016 – EMSL Modified)*
EMSL will provide you with an easy-to-use passive room sampler (air monitoring badge) to measure the formaldehyde level in your home.  Ideally, you can place a badge(s) in the room(s) where the laminated flooring products are installed and let it run for a 24-hour sampling period. After completion, return the used badge(s) to EMSL in the mailer provided and the lab can provide you with the formaldehyde concentration levels in PPM in your home. 

Note: This testing cannot be used for OSHA, CARB, NIOSH, or EPA regulatory compliance. In addition, other formaldehyde sources can be present such as household products, carpeting, furniture, and cabinetry that can contribute to the airborne formaldehyde levels. These test results can be used to establish if elevated formaldehyde levels exist in the room(s) tested.

Pricing (Consultants and High Volume Clients - Please Call for Discounts)

2 Week Lab Results - $150
1 Week Lab Results - $190
4 Day Lab Results - $230
3 Day Lab Results - $305
2 Day Lab Results - $380
1 Day Lab Results - $500

Badge Cost is $20 each in addition to analysis fee

Bulk (Impinger) and Air Samples may be sent to any of the labs listed below:

EMSL Analytical, Inc.
200 Route 130 North
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077
(800) 220-3675

                 EMSL Analytical, Inc.
                 6340 Castleplace Drive
                 Indianapolis, IN 46250
                 (317) 803-2997



EMSL Analytical, Inc.
10801 Southern Loop Blvd 
Pineville, NC 28134
(704) 525-2205 

                 LA Testing
                 5431 Industrial Drive
                 Huntington Beach, CA 92649
                 (714) 828-4999


*Please send ASTM D6007 -14 Small Chamber Study (intact composite wood samples) to the Cinnaminson, NJ lab only. One week turnaround for this test must be scheduled in advance prior to submitting samples.

Please contact us at 1-800-220-3675  or 1-888-958-8170 if we can be of any additional help.

Click here to download a PDF copy of EMSL's Formaldehye Pocket Guide.

Visit our dedicated Formaldehyde Testing website at


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Analyte CAS#MethodMediaEMSL Stock #Compat#Flow lpm Min-Max#Vol#- L Min-Max#Analytical TechniqueReporting Limit
Acetaldehyde 75-07-0NIOSH 2016 Mod.DNPH/SGT87IH030D0.03-1.51-15HPLC/UV0.05 ug
Acetaldehyde (diffusive sampler $20 extra) 75-07-0NIOSH 2016 Mod.AT 57187IH034AT571n/a1-24 hrHPLC/UV0.05 ug
Acetic Acid 64-19-7NIOSH 1603CSC:100/5087IH028AC0.01-1.020-300GC/FID10 ug
Acetone 67-64-1NIOSH 1300CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.20.5-3GC/FID8.0 ug
Acetonitrile 75-05-8NIOSH 1606CSC:400/20087IH039B0.01-0.21-25GC/FID16 ug
Acrolein 107-02-8NIOSH 2016 Mod.DNPH/SGT87IH030D0.03-1.51-15HPLC/UV0.05 ug
Acrylonitrile 107-13-1NIOSH 1604CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.23.5-20GC/FID8.0 ug
Alkaline Dust 1310-73-2NIOSH 74011.0um PTFE87IH035C1-470-1000Titration100 ug
Aluminum (Al) 7429-90-5NIOSH 0500/0600; 7300M0.8um MWMCEF87IH060MW1-45-100ICP1.0 ug
Ammonia 7664-41-7OSHA ID-188 / NIOSH 6016H2SO4/SGT87IH086F0.1-0.50.1-96IC9.5 ug
Antimony (Sb) 7440-36-0NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-450-2000ICP0.5 ug
Arsenic (As) 7440-38-2NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-2000ICP0.05 ug
Asbestos*-Nanoparticle Analysis (all media) 1332-21-4TEM / EDXAPLEASE CALLCalln/an/an/aTEM / EDXAn/a
Asbestos*-PCM Air 1332-21-4NIOSH 740025mm 0.8um MCEF/CC8715003G2 - 1660L-2400PCM0.045-0.001 f/cc
Asbestos*-PLM Bulk Building Mat. <1% vis est 1332-21-4EPA/600/R-93/116n/an/an/an/an/aPLM1%
Asbestos*-PLM Bulk Building Mat. <1% vis est 1332-21-4NIOSH 9002n/an/an/an/an/aPLM1%
Asbestos*-TEM Air 1332-21-4NIOSH 740225mm 0.45um MCEF/CC8715001G2 - 1660L-2400TEM 0.045-0.001 f/cc
Asbestos*-TEM Air (AHERA) 1332-21-4(40CFR763, Appx. A Sub E)25mm 0.45um MCEF/CC8715001H2 - 101199-2400TEM0.005 s/cc
Asphalt Fumes (Particulate / Benzene Soluble Fraction) 8052-42-4NIOSH 50422.0um PWPTFE87IH037AF1-428 - 400GRAV/EXT/GRAV50ug / 150 ug
Barium (Soluble/Insoluble as Ba, not sulfate) 7440-39-3NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-450-2000ICP0.50 ug
Barium sulfate 7727-43-7NIOSH 0500/0600; 7300M0.8um MWMCEF87IH060E1-450-2000GRAV;ICP0.50 ug
Benzaldehyde 100-52-7NIOSH 2016 Mod.DNPH/SGT87IH030D0.03-1.51-15HPLC/UV0.05 ug
Benzaldehyde (diffusive sampler $20 extra) 100-52-7NIOSH 2016 Mod.AT 57187IH034AT571n/a1-24 hrHPLC/UV0.05 ug
Benzene 71-43-2NIOSH 1500 / 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.25-30GC/FID8.7 ug
Benzyl Chloride (α-chlorotoluene) 100-44-7NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.26-50GC/FID11 ug
Beryllium (Be) 7440-41-7NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-41250-2000ICP0.025 ug
Bisphenol A 80-05-7OSHA CSI37mm GFF87IH040BPA1.5360HPLC/UVTBD
Boric Acid (as B) 10043-35-3NIOSH 0500/0600; 7300M0.8um MWMCEF8715315MW2.0960GRAV;ICP0.05 mg
Boron (B) 7440-42-8NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-450-2000ICP0.5 ug
Bromine (Media blank req: + $40) 7726-95-6NIOSH 6011AgMemFlt87IH055K0.3-18-360IC10 ug
Bromopropane, 1- (Propyl Bromide) 106-94-5OSHA PV 2061CSC:100/5087IH028A0.112GC/FID14 ug
Butadiene, 1,3- 106-99-0NIOSH 1024CSC:400/200 87IH03913BD0.01-0.55-25GC/FID10 ug
Butoxyethanol, 2- 111-76-2NIOSH 1403CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.052-10GC/FID9 ug
Butyl acetate, n- 123-86-4NIOSH 1450CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Butyl acetate, sec- 105-46-4NIOSH 1450CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
ButyI acetate, tert- 540-88-5NIOSH 1450CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Butyl alcohol, n- (n-butanol) 71-36-3NIOSH 1401CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.22-10GC/FID10 ug
Butyl alcohol, sec- (sec-butanol) 78-92-2NIOSH 1401CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.22-10GC/FID10 ug
Butyl alcohol, tert- (tert-butanol) 75-65-0NIOSH 1400CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Butyl glycidyl ether 2426-08-6NIOSH 1616CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.215-30GC/FID9 ug
Butyraldehyde 123-72-8NIOSH 2016 Mod.DNPH/SGT87IH030D0.03-1.51-15HPLC/UV0.05 ug
Butyraldehyde (Diffusive Sampler $20 extra) 123-72-8NIOSH 2016 Mod.AT 57187IH034AT571n/a1-24 hrHPLC/UV0.05 ug
Cadmium (Cd) 7440-43-9NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-413-2000ICP0.05 mg
Calcium (Ca) 471-34-1NIOSH 0500/0600; 7300M0.8um MWMCEF8715315MW1-45-200GRAV;ICP5.0 mg
Capsaicin (pepper spray, incl. dihydro, OC) 404-86-4OSHA CSI37mm GFF87IH040DC1-31000HPLC/FL0.1 ug
Carbon tetrachloride 56-23-5NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.23-150GC/FID16 ug
Chlordane 57-74-9NIOSH 5510Chromosorb/(MCEF)87IH041OC0.5-1.010-200GC/ECD2.0 ug
Chlorine (Media blank req: + $40) 7782-50-5NIOSH 6011AgMemFlt87IH055K0.3-18-360IC10 ug
Chloroacetophe, α- (CN tear gas) 532-27-4OSHA CSISGT:100/5087IH042TG0.110HPLC/UV0.1 ug
Chlorobenzene 108-90-7NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21.5-40GC/FID8.6 ug
Chlorobenzylidine Malonitrile (CS tear gas) 2698-41-1OSHA CSISGT:100/5087IH042TG0.110HPLC/UV0.1 ug
Chloroform (trichloromethane) 67-66-3NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-50GC/FID15 ug
Chlorpyrifos (Dursban) 2921-88-2NIOSH 5600 Mod.XAD-2/(37mm GFF)87IH092OP0.2-1.012-240GC/NPD1.0 ug
Chromium (Cr - Total) 7440-47-3NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-1000ICP1.0 ug
Chromium, Hexavalent (+$25 for paint ops) 18540-29-9OSHA ID-215 v25um PVC8715100CRVI240-960IC0.01 ug
Coal Tar Pitch Volatiles (Benzene Soluble Fraction) 65996-93-2OSHA 5837mm GFF87IH040CTPV1.5 - 2.0960EXTRACT/GRAV150 ug
Cobalt (Co) 7440-48-4NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-425-2000ICP0.5 ug
Copper (Cu) 7440-50-8NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-1000ICP0.5 ug
Cresols (m-, o-, & p-) 1319-77-3NIOSH 2546XAD-7(100/50)87IH044PC0.01-0.11-24GC/FID11 ug
Cumene (isopropylbenzene) 98-82-8NIOSH 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-30GC/FID8.7 ug
Cyanide (HCN) 57-12-5NIOSH 6010SODALIME87IH045n/a0.05-0.22-90VIS1.7 ug
Cyclohexane 110-82-7NIOSH 1500CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.22.5-5GC/FID7.8 ug
Cyclohexanone 108-94-1NIOSH 1300CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID9.5 ug
Cyclopentane 287-92-3NIOSH 1500CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10*GC/FID7.5 ug
Diacetone Alcohol 123-42-2NIOSH 1402CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Diazinon 333-41-5NIOSH 5600 Mod.XAD-2/(37mm GFF)87IH092OP0.2-1.012-240GC/NPD1.0 ug
Dichlorobenzene, m- (1,3) 541-73-1NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-8GC/FID15 ug
Dichlorobenzene, o- (1,2) 95-50-1NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID15 ug
Dichlorobenzene, p- (1,4) 106-46-7NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-8GC/FID15 ug
Dichloroethane, 1,1- (ethylidine chloride) 75-34-3NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.20.5-15GC/FID10 ug
Dichloroethane, 1,2- (ethylene dichloride) 107-06-2NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.20.5-15GC/FID10 ug
Dichloroethylene (cis-1,2-) 156-59-2NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.20.2-5GC/FID10 ug
Dichloroethylene (trans-1,2-) 156-60-5NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.20.2-5GC/FID10 ug
Dichlorvos 62-73-7NIOSH 5600 Mod.XAD-2/(37mm GFF)87IH092OP0.2-1.012-240GC/NPD1.0 ug
Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM as Elemental Carbon) N/ANIOSH 5040HTDQTZ87IH046HQ2-4142-19,000EGA/FID7.0 ug
Diethyl Ether (ethyl ether) 60-29-7NIOSH 1610CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.20.25-3GC/FID10 ug
Diethyl Ketone 96-22-0NIOSH 1301CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-25GC/FID10 ug
Diisobutyl Ketone 108-83-8NIOSH 1300CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Dipropyl Ketone (4-hepta) 123-19-3NIOSH 1300CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Dursban (Chlorpyrifos) 2921-88-2NIOSH 5600 Mod.XAD-2/(37mm GFF)87IH092OP0.2-1.012-240GC/NPD1.0 ug
Dust*- Analysis NADCA N/AGravimetric Analysis0.8um MWMCEF8715315MW15 LPM100 cm2GRAV0.002 mg
Dust*-Air (Nuisance Dust, PNOR, Respirable) N/ANIOSH 060037mm 5um PWPVC8715500L1.7-2.5 240-1000GRAV0.05 mg
Dust*-Air (Nuisance Dust, PNOR, Total) N/ANIOSH 050037mm 5um PWPVC8715500L2240-1000GRAV0.05 mg
Dust*-Airborne - Ambient, PM10 N/A40CFR50, Appendix J 8”x10” Quartz PW8715400Nvaries24hr SampleGRAV0.0001 g
Dust*-Airborne - Ambient, PM2.5 N/A40CFR50, Appendix L8”x10” Quartz PW8715400Nvaries24hr SampleGRAV0.0001 g
Dust*-Airborne - Indoor (LEED), PM10 N/A40CFR50, Appendix J37 mm 2 um PTFE 87IH091O10240 MinGRAV0.002 mg
Dust*-Airborne - Indoor (IAQ), PM2.5 N/A40CFR50, Appendix L37 mm 2 um PTFE 87IH091O10240 MinGRAV0.002 mg
Dust*-Airborne- Ambient, TSP N/A40CFR50,Appendix B8”x10” Quartz PW8715400Nvaries24hr SampleGRAV0.0001 g
Dust ID*-Common N/AParticle ID1.0um PC/ cowl MS36001PCC101000Microscopyn/a
Dust ID*-Full N/AParticle ID1.0um PC/ cowl MS36001PCC101000Microscopyn/a
Elemental Carbon (Diesel Particulate Matter - DPM) N/ANIOSH 5040HTDQTZ87IH046HQ2-4142-19,000EGA/FID7.0 ug
Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) 64-17-5NIOSH 1400CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.050.1-1GC/FID7.9 ug
Ethyl Acetate 141-78-6NIOSH 1457CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Ethyl Benzene 100-41-4NIOSH 1501 ModCSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-24GC/FID8.7ug
Ethyl Butyl Ketone 106-35-4NIOSH 1301CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-25GC/FID10 ug
Ethyl Ether 60-29-7NIOSH 1610CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.20.25-3GC/FID10 ug
Ethylene Glycol 107-21-1NIOSH 5523XAD-7/(37mm GFF)87IH044GL0.5-25-60GC/FID50 ug
Ethylene Oxide 75-21-8OSHA 1010HBr Trtd.Mol Sieve87IH102EtO0.0512GC/ECD2.1 ug
Formaldehyde (bulk High-Temp Treatment) 50-00-0HPLCBULKBULKn/an/an/aHPLC/UVn/a
Formaldehyde (diffusive sampler $20 extra) 50-00-0NIOSH 35003M 3721 Badge87IH077CTA0.2-11-100HPLC/UV1.5 ug
Formaldehyde 50-00-0NIOSH 2016 Mod.DNPH/SGT87IH030D0.03-1.51-15HPLC/UV0.05 ug
Formaldehyde (diffusive sampler $20 extra) 50-00-0NIOSH 2016 Mod.AT 57187IH034AT571n/a1-24 hrHPLC/UV0.05 ug
Formaldehyde (dry bulk) 50-00-0HPLCBULKBULKn/an/an/aHPLC/UVn/a
Formaldehyde (wet bulk CW ppm range / or highest) 50-00-0HPLCBULKBULKn/an/an/aHPLC/UVn/a
Glutaraldehyde 111-30-8NIOSH 2016 Mod.DNPH/SGT87IH030D0.03-1.51-15HPLC/UV0.05 ug
Gold (Au) 7440-57-5NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-4480-960ICP0.05 ug
Heptane 142-82-5NIOSH 1500CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10*GC/FID10 ug
Hexamethylene Diisocyanate (HDI) 822-06-0OSHA 42/47 Mod.1-2PP 37mm GFF87IH048IC1.015 - 240HPLC/UV/FLU1.0 ug
Hexane, n- 110-54-3NIOSH 1500CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10*GC/FID10 ug
Hydrobromic Acid (HBr) 10035-10-6NIOSH 7903WWSGT87IH031M0.2-0.53-100IC 10 ug
Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) 7647-01-0NIOSH 7903WWSGT87IH031M0.2-0.53-100IC 10 ug
Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) 7664-39-3NIOSH 7903WWSGT87IH031M0.2-0.53-100IC 5.3 ug
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 7783-06-4OSHA 1008AGSGT(CSC400/200)87IH087AG0.0512IC 7.1 ug
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 7783-06-4NIOSH 6013CSC:400/20087IH039LCSC0.1-1.51.2-40IC3.6 ug
Iron (Fe) 1332-37-2NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-100ICP5.0 ug
Isoamyl Acetate 123-92-2NIOSH 1450CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Isoamyl Alcohol 123-51-3NIOSH 1402CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Isobutyl Alcohol (2-methyl-1-propanol) 78-83-1NIOSH 1401CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.22-10GC/FID10 ug
Isocyanate Panel (2,4-TDI, 2,6-TDI, MDI, HDI) VariousOSHA 42/47 Mod.1-2PP 37mm GFF87IH048IC1.015 - 240HPLC/UV/FLU1.0 ug
Isopropyl Alcohol (Isopropanol, IPA) 67-63-0NIOSH 1400CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.20.3-3GC/FID7.9 ug
Lead (Pb) - Air 7439-92-1NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-450-2000ICP0.05 ug
Lead-Air (Flame AA) 7439-92-1NIOSH 70820.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-4200-1500FLAA4.0 ug
Lead-Air (GFAA) 7439-92-1NIOSH 71050.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-41-1500GFAA0.03 ug
Lead-Paint Chips (Flame AA) 7439-92-1SW-846-7000Bn/aBULKn/an/an/aFLAA0.01%
Lead-Wipes (Flame AA) 7439-92-1SW-846-7000BGHOST WIPE8708100n/an/a12 in²FLAA10 ug
Limonene 138-86-3NIOSH 1552CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.22-30GC/FID8.4 ug
Lithium (Li) 7439-93-2NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-4100-2000ICP5.0 ug
Magnesium (Mg) 7439-95-4NIOSH 0500/0600; 7300M0.8um MWMCEF8715315MW1-45-67GRAV;ICP5.0 ug
Malathion 121-75-5NIOSH 5600 Mod.XAD-2/(37mm GFF)87IH092OP0.2-1.012-60GC/NPD1.0 ug
Manganese (Mn) 7439-96-5NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-200ICP0.5 ug
Man-Made Vitreous Fibers (MMVF) 65997-17-3VDI-3492 Au Coated MCEF/CowlCallAuG2 to 1660-2400SEMTBD
Man-Made Vitreous Fibers (MMVF) 65997-17-3Analysis25mm 0.8um MCEF/Cowl8715003G2 to 1660-2400 7 fibers/mm2
Man-Made Vitreous Fibers (MMVF), Count Only 65997-17-3NIOSH 740025mm 0.8um MCEF/Cowl8715003G2 to 1660-2400PCM7 fibers/mm2
Man-Made Vitreous Fibers + Asbestos, ID / Quantify VariousNIOSH 740025mm 0.8um MCEF/Cowl8715003G2 to 1660-2400 7 fibers/mm2
MDI (Methylene Bisphenyl Diisocyanate) 101-68-8OSHA 42/47 Mod.1-2PP 37mm GFF87IH048IC1.015 - 240HPLC/UV/FLU1.0 ug
Mercury (Hg) by CVAA (Vapor) 7439-97-6OSHA ID-140 / NIOSH 6009CARULITE87IH049HG0.15-0.252-100 (300)CVAA0.01 ug
Mercury (Hg) by CVAA (Particulate) 7439-97-6OSHA ID-1450.8um MCEF(MW)8715200HG230CVAA0.01 ug
Metals-Priority Pollutant Metals (13 Metals) VariousNIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-2000ICPPer Metal
Metals-RCRA (7 metals - no Hg) VariousNIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-2000ICPPer Metal
Metals-Solder Metals Profile (9 metals) VariousNIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-2000ICPPer Metal
Metals-Welding Metals Profile (15 Metals) VariousNIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-2000ICPPer Metal
Metalworking Fluid (MWF), Gravimetric / Solvent Extract N/ANIOSH 55242.0um PWPTFE87IH037MWF2.01000GRAV/EXT/GRAV0.002 mg
Metalworking Fluid (MWF), Gravimetric Only N/ANIOSH 55242.0um PWPTFE87IH037MWF2.01000GRAV0.050 mg
Methamphetamine - wipe and bulk samples to 0.1 ug 51-57-0NIOSH 9111 Mod.METHWIPE87IH051MWKn/a100 cm2 LCMS0.1 ug
Methanol 67-56-1OSHA 91M / OSHA 7Anasorb 747 400/20087IH099MeOH0.050.75-5GC/FID7.9 ug
Methanol 67-56-1OSHA 91M / OSHA 7AT 54687IH174MeOHn/a1-8 hrGC/FID7.9 ug
Methoxyethanol, 2- 109-86-4NIOSH 1403CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.056-50GC/FID10 ug
Methyl Cyclohexane 108-87-2NIOSH 1500CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.24GC/FID10 ug
Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK, 2-buta) 78-93-3NIOSH 2500ANASORB 74787IH111MEK0.01-0.20.25-12GC/FID8 ug
Methyl Isoamyl Acetate (Hexyl Acetate) 142-92-7NIOSH 1450CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK, 4-methyl 2-penta) 108-10-1NIOSH 1300CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Methyl Methacrylate 80-62-6NIOSH 2537XAD-2:400/20087IH092MMA0.01-0.051-8GC/FID10 ug
Methyl Parathion 298-00-0NIOSH 5600 Mod.XAD-2/(37mm GFF)87IH092OP0.2-1.012-240GC/NPD1.0 ug
Methyl Propyl Ketone (2-penta) 107-87-9NIOSH 1300CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) 1634-04-4NIOSH 1615CSC:400/20087IH039MTBE0.1-0.22-96GC/FID10 ug
Methylene Chloride (2 tubes in series) 75-09-2NIOSH 1005CSC:100/5087IH028AA0.01-0.20.5-2.5GC/FID13.3 ug
Molybdenum (Mo) 7439-98-7NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-67ICP0.5 ug
Naphthalene 91-20-3NIOSH 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10*GC/FID7.4 ug
New Rug Odor (4-Phenylcyclohexene or 4-PC or 4-PCH) by CSI MethodOSHA CSICSC:100/5087IH028A0.210(24-48)GC/FID0.03 ug
Nickel (Ni) 7440-02-0NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-1000ICP0.5 ug
Nicotine - Air 54-11-5NIOSH 2551 Mod.XAD-4(80/40)87IH050NIC0.1-10.5-600GC/NPD1.0 ug
Nicotine, Bulk or Wipe 54-11-5GC/MSn/an/an/an/an/aGC/NPD1.0 ug
Nitric Acid 7697-37-2NIOSH 7903WWSGT87IH031M0.2-0.53-100IC5.1 ug
Nitrogen Dioxide / Nitric Oxide (NOx) 10102-44-0NIOSH 6014 / OSHA ID-182TEA MOLSIEVE 3(1)87IH079n/a0.025-0.21.5-6VIS1.3 / 5.0 ug
Octane, n- 111-65-9NIOSH 1500CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.24GC/FID10 ug
Oil Mist - Airborne with Type ID by FTIR N/ANIOSH 5026FLTR(any)ANYIR1-320-500IRTBD
Oil Mist / Metalworking Fluid (MWF), Grav. / Solv. Extract. N/ANIOSH 55242.0um PWPTFE87IH037MWF2.01000GRAV.0.002 mg
Oil Mist / Metalworking Fluid (MWF), Gravimetric Only N/ANIOSH 55242.0um PWPTFE87IH037MWF 2.01000GRAV.0.050 mg
Ozone (Special Order Media , Box of 10, 1-month shelf life) 10028-15-6OSHA ID-214TRTD GFF87IH052O30.5180IC3.9 ug
Palladium (Pd) 7440-05-3NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-2000ICP0.05 ug
Paraffin Wax Fume 8002-74-2OSHA CSI37mm GFF87IH040PWF1100GC/FID7.5 ug
Parathion 56-38-2NIOSH 5600 Mod.XAD-2/(37mm GFF)87IH092OP0.2-1.012-240GC/NPD1.0 ug
PCBs - Air VariousNIOSH 5503 Mod.13mm SWIN GFF/FLORISIL87IH085 / 87IH089PCB0.05-0.2 (1.0)1-50 (1440)GC/ECD0.025 ug
PCBs - Air - Ambient (Special Order Media) VariousEPA TO-4APUF CARTS/OPUF CART2271920-11,520GC/ECD0.1 ug
PCBs - Air - Ambient (Special Order Media) VariousEPA TO-10APUF TUBES/OPUF TUBE1-5900GC/ECD0.05 ug
Pentachlorophenol 87-86-5OSHA CSIXAD-7:100/50 x287IH044PCP0.248HPLC/UV22 ug
Pentane 109-66-0NIOSH 1500CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.24GC/FID10 ug
Perchloroethylene (Perc, Tetrachloroethene) 127-18-4NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21.0-40GC/FID16 ug
Permethrin (cis- & trans-) 52645-53-1NIOSH 5008 Mod.37mm GFF87IH040PYR1-420-400HPLC/UV1.0 ug
Pesticides, Organochlorine VariousNIOSH 5510 Mod.Chromosorb/(MCEF)87IH041OC0.5-1.010-200GC/ECD0.1 to 5.0, var.
Pesticides, Organophosphorus / Organonitrogen VariousNIOSH 5600 Mod.XAD-2/(37mm GFF)87IH092OP0.2-1.012-240GC/NPD1.0 ug
Petroleum Ether (as VM&P Naptha) VariousNIOSH 1550CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21.3-20GC/FID7.4 ug
Petroleum Naptha (as VM&P Naptha) 8032-32-4NIOSH 1550CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21.3-20GC/FID7.4 ug
Phenol 108-95-2NIOSH 2546XAD-7(100/50)87IH044PC0.01-0.11-24GC/FID11 ug
Phenylcyclohexene, 4- (4-PC, 4-PCH, New Rug Odor) 4994-16-5OSHA CSICSC:100/5087IH028A0.210(24-48)GC/FID0.03 ug
Phosphoric Acid 7664-38-2NIOSH 7903WWSGT87IH031M0.2-0.53-100IC21 ug
Phthalate Esters (add $75 per each added ester) VariousOSHA CSITENAX/(37mm GFF)87IH58PHTH1240GC/FID1.0 ug
Platinum (Pt) 7440-06-4NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-4480-960ICP0.05 ug
Potassium (K) 7440-09-7NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-1000ICP5.0 ug
Potassium Hydroxide (as Alkaline Dust) 1310-58-3NIOSH 74011.0um PTFE87IH035C1-470-1000Titration100 ug
Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) VariousNIOSH 55062.0um PTFE / XAD-287IH043PAH2200-1000HPLC/UV0.31 / 0.62 ug
Propionaldehyde 123-38-6NIOSH 2016 Mod.DNPH/SGT87IH030D0.03-1.51-15HPLC/UV0.05 ug
Propyl Acetate, n- 109-60-4NIOSH 1450CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Propyl Alcohol, n- 71-23-8NIOSH 1401CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Propylene Glycol 57-55-6NIOSH 5523XAD-7/(37mm GFF)87IH044GL0.5-25-60GC/FID50 ug
Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether (PGME) 107-98-2OSHA CSICSC:100/5087IH028A0.110GC/FID9.7 ug
Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether Acetate (PGMEA) 108-65-6OSHA CSICSC:100/5087IH028A0.110GC/FID9.7 ug
Pyrethrum (Pyrethrin I & II) 8003-34-7NIOSH 5008 Mod.37mm GFF87IH040PYR1-420-400HPLC/UV1.0 ug
Radon-Homeowner Test Kit 10043-92-2(1-10 Kits, Price Per Kit)RDNRDNRDNn.e.2-4 DaysLiq. Scint.0.3 pCi/L
Radon-Real Estate Transaction Test Kit 10043-92-2(1-10 Kits, Price Per Kit)RDNRDNRDNn.e.2-4 DaysLiq. Scint.0.3 pCi/L
Selenium (Se) 7782-49-2NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-413-2000ICP0.05 ug
Silica-Amorphous, Air 7631-86-9NIOSH 7501 Mod.37mm 5um PWPVC8715500L1.7-2.5400-1000XRPD20 ug
Silica-Amorphous, Bulk 7631-86-9NIOSH 7501 Mod.BULKBULKn/an/an/aXRPDn/a
Silica-Crystalline, 3 Species, Bulk ; QZ, CR, AND TR VariousNIOSH 7500 Mod.BULKBULKn/an/an/aXRDn/a
Silica-Crystalline, 3 Species, Air - Quartz, Cristobalite, Tridymite VariousNIOSH 7500 Mod.37mm 5um PWPVC8715500L1.7-2.5400-1000GRAV/XRD5 , 20, 20 ug
Silica-Crystalline, Single Species, Air - Tridymite (TR) 15468-32-3NIOSH 7500 Mod.37mm 5um PWPVC8715500L1.7-2.5400-1000GRAV/XRD20 ug
Silica-Crystalline, Single Species, Air - Cristobalite (CR) 14464-46-1NIOSH 7500 Mod.37mm 5um PWPVC8715500L1.7-2.5400-1000GRAV/XRD20 ug
Silica-Crystalline, Single Species, Air - Quartz (QZ) 14808-60-7NIOSH 7500 Mod.37mm 5um PWPVC8715500L1.7-2.5400-1000GRAV/XRD5 ug
Silica-Crystalline, Single Species, Bulk ; QZ, CR, OR TR VariousNIOSH 7500 Mod.BULKBULKn/an/an/aXRDn/a
Silver (Ag) 7440-22-4NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-4250-2000ICP0.5 ug
Sodium (Na) 7440-23-5NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-1000ICP5 ug
Sodium Hydroxide (as Alkaline Dust) 1310-73-2NIOSH 74011.0um PTFE87IH035C1-470-1000Titration100 ug
Stoddard Solvent (as VM&P Naptha) 8052-41-3NIOSH 1550CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21.3-20GC/FID7.9 ug
Strontium (Sr) 7440-24-6NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-410-1000ICP0.5 ug
Styrene 100-42-5NIOSH 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-14GC/FID9 ug
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) 7446-09-5NIOSH 6004MCE/NaCO MCE87IH053SO0.1-1.54-200IC3.3 / 6.7 ug
Sulfuric Acid 7664-93-9NIOSH 7903WWSGT87IH031M0.2-0.53-100IC10 ug
Tear Gas (CN or CS), ea. VariousOSHA CSISGT:100/5087IH042TG0.110HPLC/UV1.0 ug
Thallium (Tl) 7440-28-0NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-425-2000ICP0.05 ug
Thorium (Th) 7440-29-1NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-4480-960ICP0.5 ug
Tin (Sn) 7440-31-5NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-1000ICP1 ug
Titanium (Ti) 13463-67-7NIOSH 0500/0600; 7300M0.8um MWMCEF8715315MW1-45-100GRAV;ICP0.5 ug
TDI, 2,4- (2,4-toluenediisocyanate) 584-84-9OSHA 42/47 Mod.1-2PP 37mm GFF87IH048IC1.015 - 240HPLC/UV/FLU1.0 ug
TDI, 2,6- (2,6-toluenediisocyanate) 91-08-7OSHA 42/47 Mod.1-2PP 37mm GFF87IH048IC1.015 - 240HPLC/UV/FLU1.0 ug
Toluene 108-88-3NIOSH 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-8GC/FID8.7
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (as diesel / #2 Fuel Oil) VariousNIOSH 1550 Mod.CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21.3-20GC/FID7.4 ug
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (as gasoline) VariousNIOSH 1550CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21.3-20GC/FID7.9 ug
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (as naptha) VariousNIOSH 1550CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21.3-20GC/FID7.9 ug
Trichloroethylene 79-01-6NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.20.2-30GC/FID7.9 ug
Trichloroethane, 1,1,1- 71-55-6NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.20.1-8GC/FID10 ug
Trichloroethane, 1,1,2- 79-00-5NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.22-60GC/FID10 ug
Trichloropropane, 1,2,3- 96-18-4NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.20.6-60GC/FID10 ug
Trimethylbenzene, 1,2,3- 87-61-6NIOSH 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10*GC/FID10 ug
Trimethylbenzene, 1,2,4- 120-82-1NIOSH 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10*GC/FID10 ug
Trimethylbenzene, 1,3,5- 108-70-3NIOSH 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10*GC/FID10 ug
Tungsten (W) 7440-33-7NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-1000ICP0.5 ug
Turpentine 8006-64-2NIOSH 1551CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Uranium (U) 7440-61-1NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-4480-960ICP0.05 ug
Vanadium (V) 7440-62-2NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-2000ICP0.5 ug
Vinyl Acetate 108-05-4NIOSH 1453CSC:100/50 (ORBO 92)87IH028A0.05-0.21.5-24GC/FID10 ug
Vinyl Chloride (2 tubes in series) 75-01-4NIOSH 1007CSC:100/5087IH028AA0.050.7-5GC/FID9.1 ug
VOCs (Total as n-hexane) VariousNIOSH 1500 / 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.25-30GC/FID7.9 ug
Xylenes, o- 1330-20-7NIOSH 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10*GC/FID7.9 ug
Xylenes, m- &p- 1330-20-7NIOSH 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10*GC/FID7.9 ug
Xylenes, o-, m-, &p- 1330-20-7NIOSH 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10*GC/FID7.9 ug
VOCs Organic Scan Profile - IH-Mega VariousNIOSH MultipleCSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10*GC/FID7.9 ug
VOCs Organic Scan Profile - IH-Mega (Diffusive Sampler $20 extra) VariousNIOSH Multiple3M 3500 Badge87IH069An/a1 - 8 hrGC/FID7.9 ug
Zinc (Zn) 1314-13-2NIOSH 0500/0600; 7300M0.8um MWMCEF8715315MW1-45-200GRAV;ICP0.5 ug
Zirconium (Zr) 7440-67-7NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-200ICP0.5 ug


Laboratories providing Formaldehyde ( click for details )

Ann Arbor, MI - NVLAP Lab Code 101048-4Atlanta, GA - NVLAP Lab Code 101048-1Baton Rouge, LA - NVLAP Lab Code 200375-0Beltsville, MD - NVLAP Lab Code 200293-0Boston, MA - NVLAP Lab Code 101147-0Buffalo, NY - NVLAP Lab Code 200056-0Calgary, Alberta - NVLAP Lab Code 500100-0Carle Place, NY - NVLAP Lab Code 101048-10Charlotte, NC - NVLAP Lab Code 200841-0Chicago, IL - NVLAP Lab Code 200399-0Corporate - Cinnaminson, NJ - NVLAP Lab Code 101048-0Dallas, TX - NVLAP Lab Code 600111-0Denver, CO - NVLAP Lab Code 200828-0EMSL Canada - Montreal -- Quebec - NVLAP Lab Code 201052-0EMSL Canada -- Toronto - NVLAP Lab Code 200877-0EMSL Canada Inc. -- Ottawa - NVLAP Lab Code 201040-0Fort Lauderdale - NVLAP Lab Code 500085-0Houston, TX - NVLAP Lab Code 102106-0Huntington Beach, CA - NVLAP Lab Code 101384-0Indianapolis, IN - NVLAP Lab Code 200188-0Inland Empire, CA - NVLAP Lab Code 600239-0Kernersville, NC - NVLAP Lab Code 102104-0Las Vegas, NV - NVLAP Lab Code 600140-0Miami, FL - NVLAP Lab Code 200204-0Minneapolis, MN - NVLAP Lab Code 200019-0New York, NY - NVLAP Lab Code 101048-9Orlando, FL - NVLAP Lab Code 101151-0Pasadena, CA - NVLAP Lab Code 200232-0Phoenix, AZ - NVLAP Lab Code 200811-0Piscataway, NJ - NVLAP Lab Code 101048-2Plymouth Meeting, PA - NVLAP Lab Code 200699-0Raleigh, NC - NVLAP Lab Code 200671-0Rochester, NY - NVLAP Lab Code 600183-0S. Portland, ME - NVLAP Lab Code 500094-0Salem, NH - NVLAP Lab Code 201051-0San Diego, CA - NVLAP Lab Code 200855-0San Leandro, CA - NVLAP Lab Code 101048-3Seattle, WA - NVLAP Lab Code 200613-0St. Louis, MO - NVLAP Lab Code 200742-0Tampa, FL - NVLAP Lab Code 600215-0Vancouver, BC - NVLAP Lab Code 201068-0Wallingford, CT - NVLAP Lab Code 200700-0West Palm Beach, FL - NVLAP Lab Code 600206-0Weymouth, MA - NVLAP Lab Code 600217-0
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